Canadian Association of Pension Supervisory Authorities

Un-locatable Members Committee

The mandate of the CAPSA Un-locatable Members Committee is to examine options to establish a national database of un-locatable members of pension plans.

In carrying out this mandate, the Committee will:
• Collaborate with the Ontario regulator’s newly established Technical Advisory Group on Missing Members by providing input, comments and feedback.
• Develop design ideas to ensure that the initial database is built with enough flexibility to address the needs of jurisdictions that can participate immediately as well as those who may be able participate at a later date.
• Research impediments that may prevent the participation of a jurisdiction in a national database, and propose appropriate solutions.
• Research privacy concerns connected to the operation of a national database and how this may impact the participation of a jurisdiction.
• Explore additional approaches to dealing with un-locatable members, including the feasibility of a depository for unclaimed pension assets.

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